Leather Wrap Bracelets - Various Styles and Colours

Leather Wrap Bracelets - Various Styles and Colours

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Leather Wrap Bracelet Collection

  • Various Styles and Colours
  • 2 Adjustable Lengths

Available Colours/Styles (in order of pictures)

  1. Deep Red with Rhinestones & Beadwork
  2. Copper with Shimmery Bezelled Beadwork
  3. Grey with Rhinestones (pic #3 shows Grey, Teal, Black)
  4. Teal with Rhinestones
  5. Black with Rhinestones
  6. Royal Blue with Rhinestones
  7. Grey with Rhinestones and Shimmery Bezelled Beadwork
  8. Grey with Rhinestones and Beadwork
  9. Black with Shimmery Bezelled Beadwork
  10. Navy with Shimmery Bezelled Beadwork
  11. Light Tan with Rhinestones and Beadwork
  12. Red Coral with Rhinestones and Beadwork
  13. White with Onyx Rhinestones
  14. Tan with Beadwork and Rhinestones